Academic Requirments

Graduation Requirement

1 Pre-Graduation Requirements:

  • One Semester prior to graduation a student should submit a check list form to ACAD duly filled in
  • Students intending for graduation should submit an application for graduation to ACAD in the terminal semester in the University.

2 Academic Requirements:
  • a) Have passed all required and elective courses as per program of curriculum.
  • b) Be on acceptable academic standing with a CGPA of at least 2.00.
  • c) Be free from any negative report from the University Authority in general and Academic Discipline Committee in particular.
  • d) Have fulfilled co-curricular requirements.
  • e) Have fulfilled other University requirements.

Fees of Releavant Documents Withdrawn:
SL Description Amount
1 Original Certificate 3000/-
2 Provisional Certificate 2000/-
3 Original Transcript 2000/-
4 Semester wise Transcripts 200/-
5 Consolidated Transcripts (Incomplete) 200/-
6 Certificate Correction with Transcripts (Issued) 2000/-
7 Migration/Testimonial/Others per Copy 200/-
8 Appeal for Reevaluation of answer scripts 1000/-
** If anyone needs transcript only he/she has to pay 1000/- However, if someone pays for PVC/Original Certificate no payment required for transcript

4 Release of Student’s Record:
Student’s records are considered highly confidential. Therefore, a written consent from the student is needed before releasing information from his personal record to person outside the University. Information may be furnished to a student’s parents or sponsor without such written consent. No information concerning a student’s grades will be given over telephone.

5 Right to Make Changes in Rules:
The University authority reserves the right to change the requirements, rules, programs and fees without prior notice whenever circumstances warrant. Such changes shall take effect as and when the proper authorities so determine.