Logistics & Maintenance Division (LMD)

Logistics & Maintenance Division

Brief Description of duties and responsibilities of LMD

1. Ensuring the cleaning of academic buildings, structures, Halls, Dormitories and also keep cleanliness of the campus regularly;
2. To maintain Family Flat, Bachelor Room, Guest Room allocation procedure of Teachers Dormitory & Staff Dormitory of IIUC Kumira;
3. Total logistics and maintenance support of office furniture & fixture, class room furniture, hall furniture, Thai/wooden/hardboard partition, curtains with pipe, floor mat, door mat, carpet, etc
4. Maintenance and repair of wooden steel made doors and windows, computer tables, book shelves, file cabinet, file rack, Almirah, door lock, door auto lock,wheel chair, etc
5. To spray pest/mosquito control medicine round over the campus;
6. Procurement and maintenance of honor board, white board, sign post, name plate, sign board (non-electrical), etc ,
7. Manpower support for distribution of pure drinking water from water treatment plant to round over the campus;
8. Maintenance of all furniture, and cleanliness rooftop of all IIUC building ;
9. To provide support during any major shifting of furniture & fixtures;
10. To help in auction out process of garbage items; if required.
11. Maintenance and repair of Defective Photocopy Machine of Dept. and Div.
12. Verify the requisition of Printer Tonners and Photo Copier Tonners.
13. Ensure the drinking Water supply to round over the campus.
14. Assist the concerned Engineer for connecting the new and old gas line connection in the campus.
15. Processing daily basis employees Salary and Allowances
16. Special assignment given by Hon’ble Chairmen.
17. Attending the meeting

List of Employees of LMD

SL Name Designation Contact Email
1 Mr. Aiub Hossain In-charge Tel: IIUC PABX, 314, Mobile: 01520104560, 01857427173 Hossain.aiub10001@gmail.com
2 Mrs. Farhana Yasmin Chowdhury Additional Director,
Female Academic Zone
IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01711-760285 fyasminchy@yahoo.com
3 Mr. Md. Nazim Uddin Deputy Director IIUC PABX- Extn: 397, Mobile: 01710-421945
4 Mr. Md. Anwarul Azim Deputy Director Tel: IIUC PABX, Ext: 314, Mobile: 01925-356493
5 Mrs. Fahmida Amin Deputy Director,
Female Academic Zone
Mobile: 01733-973584 fahamidaamin@yahoo.com
6 Mr. Mostaque Khandokar Assistant Director Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01793-097263 mostaque.pro.iiuc@gmail.com
7 Mr. Md. Azhar Miah Site Supervisor Mobile: 01836-766151
8 Omme Fatima Belly Administrative Officer Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01832979919
9 Mr. Sohel Uddin Administrative Officer Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01813259720 sohel_220@yahoo.com
10 Mr. Arif Eyasir Administrative Assistant Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01878757562 arifyeasir19@gmail.com
11 Mr. Md. Mamun Siddiquee Chy Administrative Assistant Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01827-914070 Email: siddiquee@gmail.com
12 Mr. Mishuk Barua Administrative Assistant Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01625360749
13 Mr. Abu Hanifa Md. Noman Administrative Assistant Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile:01613111387
14 Mr. Md. Arafat Administrative Assistant Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01626115156 mdarafat963159@gmail.com
15 Ms. Eshrat Jahan Bristy Administrative Assistant Tel: IIUC PABX, Mobile: 01862105058 eshratbristy123@gmail.com