Bachelor Of Arts (Hons.) in Arabic Language & Literature (ALL)

Arabic Language and Literature (ALL)


The B.A. (Hons) Program under the Department of Arabic Language and Literature has been designed to give students a milieu in literature, language, writing, and other relevant fields of studies like philosophy, history and to create a moral awakening among them. The program will reveal to them both the opulent cultural testimony of the old and the most ambitious artistic work of the contemporary poets and writers.



The mission of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature is to develop students' knowledge in the fields of Arabic Language and Literature, and their commitment to using their knowledge for the advancement of humanity.



The objective of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature is to help students have a solid foundation in the areas of Arabic Language and Literature. It aims to offer students a number of courses to help develop their understanding of the nuances and distinctions of the Arabic Language and Literature.

The Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of B.A. (Honors) in Arabic Language and Literature are the statements that describe the expected achievements of graduates in their career and professional life within the first few (3 to 5) years after graduation. The PEOs are guided by interest of program stakeholders, global and local needs, the mission and vision of the Institution, long-term goals, etc. These are expected to evolve continuously in line with the needs and expectations of local employers, industry, R&D advisors, and alumni. The PEOs of B.A. (Honors) in ALL are as follows:

After successful completion of four-year honours in Arabic Language and Literature:

PE-O1 The graduates will be able to serve as good communicators in Arabic, Bangla and English, which is an essential criterion for recruitment in BCS cadres, newspaper offices, foreign missions, non-government organizations, international and national business houses and academic administrators in different levels of institutions.

PE-O2 The graduates will be able to serve as prudent and sensible analysts - being enriched with better understanding of ethics, sociology, philosophy and anthropology - in different research organizations.

PE-O3 The graduates will be able to understand and make others understand the religious and moral values so that they can uphold well moral height and ethical standard in day-to-day life and can contribute in the society as motivators of its members to lead a moral and corruption free society and country.

PE-O4 The graduates will be able to make others understand the Islamic sources that are written in Arabic such as the holy Qur’an, Hadiths and Islamic books and will be able to deliver lecture in Arabic fluently in various situations, especially in Jumua’a Khutbah on Friday in the Masjids in home and abroad and their religious ceremonies.

PE-O5 The graduates will be able to contribute to the society as teachers of Arabic language and literature in different academic institutions. They may build a generation having moral and ethical standard.

PE-O6 The graduates will be able to uphold the culture and heritage of the Bengali nation through literary practices in Arabic as well as in Bangla before the world community.

Admission Requirements

  • Total GPA 6.00 in SSC/Dakhil & HSC/Alim but scoring not less than GPA 2.50 in any individual examination; OR
  • Minimum 5 (five) subjects in O level and 2 (two) major subjects in A level with minimum ‘B’ grade in 4 subjects and ‘C’ grade in 3 subjects.


A student shall have to pay Tk. 1,03,016/- for completing Arabic Language and Literature degree as per the following break up:

SL Description Amount
1 Admission Fees (Once & non-refundable) Tk. 5,500/-
2 Semester Fees (Tk. 3,500 × 8) Tk. 28,000/-
3 Tuition Fees: Tk. 0 x 140 CH Exempted/-
4 Exam Fees (Tk. 50 × 140 CH ) Tk. 7,000/-
5 Establishment Fees (Tk. 4,000 × 8) Tk. 32,000/-
6 Development Fees (Tk. 5,000 × 1 + Tk. 3,000 × 7) Tk. 26,000/-
7 Library Development Fee Tk. 2,000/-
8 Orientation Fee Tk. 2,500/-
9 Rover Scout Fee Tk. 16/-
Total Fees and Charges: Tk. 1,03,016/-

Semester-wise Payable Fess:

* First Installment (During Admission): Tk. 23,416/-

* Second to onward Installment (During Semester Registration):

SL Description Amount
1 Semester Fees Tk. 4,000/-
2 Tuition Fees: Tk. 0 x No. of CH of Courses Tk. *****/-
3 Exam Fees: Tk. 50 × No. of CH of registered Courses Tk. *****/-
4 Establishment Fees Tk. 4,000/-
5 Development Fees Tk. 3,000/-
Semester-wise Total Fees and Charges: To be counted

DC = Departmental Course, URC = University Requirement Course


The B.A.(Honors) Program normally takes four academic years (i.e. 8 Semesters) to complete. Each academic year is divided into 2 Semesters having duration of 15-week Lecture Period for each semester. The Mid-term Examination will be held after conducting classesfor6 weeks. The Semester End Examination (SEE) will be held through completion of classes for 9 weeks after Mid-term Examination. In order to graduate, total 140 credit hours have to be undertaken and completed by astudent during 8 semesters. By registering a greater number of courses in regular semesters, students may also complete their graduation studies within at least three academic years (i.e. 6 Semesters) of regular studentship. However, a student may be allowed to complete their graduation studies in the University within maximum of six academic years (i.e.12 semesters).

Admission Test

Application for admission to BA (Hons.) in Arabic Language and Literature shall be invited through an announcement in the National/Local Dailies and IIUC website twice a year. The deserving candidates have to apply through IIUC website or web link Students are admitted through a competitive written test. Usually questions paper are designed as semi broad & MCQ Type. Marks allocation of admission test are:

Arabic Language General English General Knowledge Viva SSC & HSC GPA Total
60 25 15 10 10 120

Admission Period

Students are admitted into “BA (Hons.) in Arabic Language and Literature” program twice a year as follows:

Semester Period Application Period Admission Test
Spring January – June September - October November - December
Autumn July – December March - April May - June

Grading System

The Grading System for assessing the performance of the students shall be as follows:

Marks (%) Letter Grade Grade Point Remarks
80-100 A + 4.00 Excellent
75–79 A 3.75 Very Good
70–74 A- 3.50
65–69 B+ 3.25 Good
60–64 B 3.00
55–59 B- 2.75 Satisfactory
50–54 C+ 2.50
45–49 C 2.25 Pass
40–44 D 2.00
00–39 F 0.00 Fail

Calculation of GPA and CGPA

GPA: Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total grade point earned by the number of credit hours attempted in a particular semester.

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is computed by dividing the total grade point earned by the total number of credit hours attempted at the diploma courses up to that point of time.

Achieving minimum GPA in each semester

A student shall have to obtain minimum GPA 2.00 in each semester.

Achieving minimum GPA in for awarding degree

A student shall have to obtain minimum CGPA 2.50 for awarding degree.

Summary of Courses

Summary of Courses:

Details of Course/Areas Number of Courses Total Credit Hour
Arts and Humanities Courses 06 11
Social Science Courses 07 10
ICT Course 01 03
Basic Sciences 01 03
Foundation Courses 09 27
Elective Courses 02 06
Core Courses 25 76
Viva Voce 04 04
Total 55 140

Semester wise Courses:

Semester Number: 1
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-1101 Introduction to Arabic Language and Literature
مدخل إلى اللغة العربية وآدابها
2 ALL-1102 Communicative Arabic
العربية الاتصالية
3 ALL-1103 Arabic Morphology : Rules and Practice
علم الصرف : القواعد والتطبيق
4 ALL-1104 Arabic Syntax: Rules and Practice
علم النحو : القواعد والتطبيق
5 ENG-1101 Four Skills of English Language (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)
المهارات الأربع للغة الإنجليزية
6 BAN-1101 Bangla Language and Literature
اللغة البنغالية وآدابها
7 UREM-1101 Textual Study of  Ethics and Morality-I
الدراسات النصية للمبادئ الأخلاقية ونظامها-1
Semester Number: 2
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-1201 Viva Voce I
1- الاختبار الشفوي
2 ALL-1205 Arabic Language: Expression and Creation
اللغة العربية : التعبير والإنشاء
3 ALL-1206 Translation 1 (Arabic-Bangla)
الترجمة - 1(العربية -البنغالية)
4 ALL-1207 History of Arabic Literature 1 (Pre-Islamic Period)
تاريخ الأدب العربي-1 (العصر الجاهلي)
5 ALL-1208 Literary Texts 1 (Pre-Islamic Period: Prose & Poem)
النصوص الأدبية -1 ( العصر الجاهلي)
6 CSE-1201 Basic Computer Skill
مهارات الكمبيوتر الأساسية
7 URED-1201 Basic Principles of Islam
مبادئ الإسلام الأساسية
Semester Number: 3
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-2309 Translation 2 (Arabic-English)
الترجمة-2 (العربية - الإنجليزية)
2 ALL-2310 Arabic Phonetics: Rules and Practice
3 ALL-2311 Literary Texts 2 (Prescribed Quranic Text)
تاريخ الأدب العربي -2 (العصر الإسلامي والأموي)
4 ALL-2312 History of Arabic Literature 2 (Islamic and Umayyad Period)
تاريخ الأدب العربي -2 (العصر الإسلامي والأموي)
5 BSC-2301 Basic Sciences
العلوم الأساسية
6 ENG-2302 English for Professional Purposes
الإنجليزية للأغراض المهنية
7 URED-2302 Sciences of Qur’an and Hadith
علوم القرآن والحديث
Semester Number: 4
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-2402 Viva voce II
2 الاختبار الشفوي
2 ALL-2413 Arabic Khutbah: Styles and Texts
الخطابة العربية : الأساليب والنصوص
3 ALL-2414 History of Arabic Literature 3 (Abbasid Period)
تاريخ الأدب العربي -3 (العصرالعباسي)
4 ALL-2415 Rhetoric 1 (‘Ilmul Ma ‘aani)
البلاغة -1 ( علم المعاني)
5 ALL-2416 Literary Texts 3 (Prescribed Prophetic Traditions)
6 ANTH-2401 Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology
7 BAL-2401 Bengali Art and Culture
8 ENG-2403 Introduction to English Literature
Semester Number: 5
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-3517 Literary Texts 4 (Artistic Prose)
2 ALL-3518 Rhetoric 2 (‘Ilmul Bayan and ‘IlmulBadi)
3 ALL-3519 Arabic Philology
4 ALL-3520 Arabic Prosody
5 BDEC-3501 Bangladesh Economics
6 IECB-3501 Introduction to Islamic Economic & Banking
7 URED-3505 Comparative Religion
Semester Number: 6
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-3603 Viva Voce III
2 ALL-3621 Literary Texts 5 (Prescribed Poems from Abbasid Period)
3 ALL-3622 Lexicography
4 ALL-3623 Literary Texts 6 (Andalusi Literature: Prose and Poetry)
5 ALL-3624 History of Arabic Literature 4 (Modern Period)
6 ALL-3625 Research Methodology
7 URED-3604 Life and Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)
Semester Number: 7
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-4726 Literary Texts 7 (Arabic Diaspora Literature)
2 ALL-4727 Literary Texts 8 (Short Story and Novel)
3 ALL-4728 Literary Texts 9 (Essay and Drama)
4 ALL-4729 Arabic Language and Literature in Bangladesh: History and Texts
5 ALL-4730 Comparative Literature
6 EPSY-4701 Educational Psychology
7 URIH-4701 A Survey of Islamic History and Culture
Semester Number: 8
SL Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite
1 ALL-4804 Viva Voce IV
2 ALL-4831 Literary Texts 10 (Arabic Memoirs and Arabic Epic Literature)
3 ALL-4832 Arabic Literary Criticism
4 ALL-4833 Arabic Teaching Methods as a Foreign Language
5 ALL-4999 Thesis
6 HEBD-4803 History of the Emergence of Bangladesh