Email Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition for using email account

Duration validity of IIUC Email A/C for students-
The account will be valid up to the accomplishment of the corresponding program/degree.

Users must follow the subsequent rules-
• Email A/C should be used only for education and research purposes.
• Email A/C should not be used against the discipline/rules of IIUC and State.
• It should not be used in any social network.
• It should not be used for spamming/bulk email marketing.
• It should not be used in/by any autonomous system.
• It should not be used for any business/political purposes.

Responsibility and Legal actions-
• IIUC will not take any responsibility for the misuse of Email A/C. The owner of Email A/C will have to take all responsibility.
• Email A/C will be blocked temporarily if any suspicious activity is conducted through it. After proper inquiry, it may be blocked permanently.
• Action will be taken against the owner of Email A/C according to the rules of IIUC if he/she abuses the email violating the above terms and conditions.

For any query/problem,
please email to: and give CC to:, &

For resetting Password or not getting email,
please contact to: with your departmental Admin/ Computer Lab Staff for new password.