Prof. Dr. Mohammad Masrurul Mowla

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Masrurul Mowla

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Masrurul Mowla
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Masrurul Mowla
Pro Vice-Chancellor
International Islamic University Chittagong
Phone: +88-03042-51154-61 Extn. 306, IP: +88-09613230511
Mobile: +88-01554-329168
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Academic Qualification, Teaching, Research and Publication

A. Educational Qualification
Institution/Board Degree Subject Year Class (Place)
University of Hull, United Kingdom Ph.D. Community Wellbeing and Sustainable Tourism Development 2017 Awarded
University of Hull, United Kingdom Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training Marketing and Business Strategy 2017 successfully completed
University of Hull, United Kingdom University Level Teaching Certificate Marketing and Business Strategy 2015
University of Hull, United Kingdom MSc Advertising and Marketing Communication 2011
International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh MBA Marketing 2004
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh M.Sc. Mathematics 1991
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics 1990


International Marketing, Research Methods, Marketing Research and, Strategic Marketing and Planning

1. Introduction to Business
2. Principles of Management
3. Human Resource Management
4. Marketing Management
5. Principles of Marketing
6. International Business
7. International Marketing
8. Promotional Management
9. Integrated Marketing Communications
10. Consumer Behavior
11. Tourism and Hospitality management
12. Tourism and Event Management

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1. Community Wellbeing is a Motivating Factor in Achieving Sustainable Tourism Development, Presented in an International Conference on “Inclusive Tourism Development” held in Los Angeles, California, USA from 28th March to 2nd April 2016 which was organized by American Geographers Association (AAG)
2. Product Placement: A Critical Review Based on Ethical Theories, Presented in MASAUM International Conference on Management Science, December 29-30, 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
3. The art of Managing Self to Balance Digital Working environment: Learning from Bangladeshi Epics, Presented in the International Conference on “Riding the Digital Wave-The New Leadership” (World Business’s Economy Congress), 15-17 February 2019, Jointly organized by World Researchers Association (WRA) and SAGE University, Indore, M. P.

1. Professor of Marketing, IIUC : March 31, 2019 till date
2. Associate Professor of Marketing, IIUC : March 10, 2013 to March 30, 2019
3. Assistant Professor of Marketing, IIUC : August 10, 2008 to March 09, 2013
4. Lecturer of Marketing, IIUC : March 25, 2004 to August 09, 2008

During three years of my PhD study, I worked as a guest lecturer at Hull University for four different courses: International Marketing, Research Methods, Marketing Research and, Strategic Marketing and Planning in different semesters.

During my teaching tenure, the majority of the students were from different nationalities and cultural background, therefore it required special support and comfortable learning environment and I usually used electronic sources like YouTube and daily motion videos related to my lecture topics in order to give my students variety of understanding in subject topics with real life examples. My goal was to ensure and maintain the quality of learning within each class, and every student was allowed to ask questions either in the class or drop-in sessions and can knock me on my consultancy hours. Moreover, my teaching focus was mainly depending on examples, which were easy to grasp by students in terms of understanding and most of the students gave positive feedback on this particular strategy at the end of course.

During my M.Sc. and PhD journey in UK, I attended numerous international and domestic Conferences and Seminars. Due to time limitation, I am not including those here. I will add those later if I will get time.
Furthermore, I participated numerous Seminars, Conferences in different corners of the world. I attended a conference in San Francisco, California, USA in 2017. Apart from this, I visited France, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, India, Nepal and Indonesia for attending different Seminars and Conferences. I published more than 27 journal papers in different research journals at home and abroad.

1. Pro Vice-Chancellor, IIUC : From March 28, 2021 till date
2. Syndicate Member, IIUC : From April 2019 till date
3. Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, IIUC : From August 2020 till date
4. Chairman, Department of Business Administration, IIUC : August 2017 to July 2019

5. Coordinator of MBA and MBM programs, IIUC : From 2011 (almost 2 years)
6. Founder Chief Advisor of IIUC Business Club, IIUC : From 2005 (almost 1.5 years)
7. General Secretary, MBA Alumni Association of IIUC : From 2004 (almost 2 years)
8. Portfolio Manager (Ophthalmic Products), Novartis Bangladesh Limited (A Swiss Company) : From 2003 (3 years plus)

9. Chairman: Planning and Development Committee of DBA, IIUC
10. Chairman: Examination Committee in different semester for BBA and MBA programs, IIUC
11. Chairman: MBA and MBM Coordination Committee, IIUC
12. Convener: BBA Internship/Dissertation Committee, IIUC
13. Convener: MBA and MBM Internship/Dissertation Committee, IIUC
14. Treasurer: Islamic Society of Hull University, UK

▪ Bengali (Native)
▪ English (Near to native level)
▪ Arabic (Read, Write)
▪ French (able to communicate)